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Pinterest: Things to Paint

Anyone like Pinterest? Anyone a serious pinner, delighting in all your collections safely stored into organized (or not!) folders? How you carefully select each pin according to your taste and standards, knowing that each recipe, self help tip, craft or sewing project or inspirational quote will actually be used?
Someday. Perhaps, well maybe...

After carefully pinning things for last several months, I built folders like:

  • Things to paint
  • Quotes to calligraphy or make into graphics
  • Things to do around the house
  • Recipes to make
  • Inspirational art/travel photos to draw/paint or dream about
I suddenly realized a two-fold action happening, in fact a dichotomy of purpose of my Pinterest pinnings. While collecting, gathering and sorting into categories,  I felt quite pleased that I could "Shop" without spending a dime or cluttering up my house with stuff that clearly doesn't fit anymore. It dawned on me while adding one more image to the "things to paint" that I hadn't painted a single image. None. Nothing, nada. 

I sensed a God moment telling me that it's OK to find inspiration, wonderful ideas, storing them for future reference and purpose. YET...when would I start with just one work of art. SO I did it, I began the work. I drew four different sketches from my folder, painting each one as an exercise of art.

I remain yours truly, forever learning the spirit of creativity -- Rasama
I have filled him with the Spirit of God, with skill, ability and knowledge in all kinds of crafts.
Exodus 31:2-3


Here is one of the many reasons Fine Art America
is the best place to promote your art:

I have filled him with the Spirit of God, 
 with skill, ability and knowledge in 
all kinds of crafts.
Exodus 31:2-3


I've spent the last few weeks skimming through want ads on the the job site under Art | Media | Design category. It's the same new and old listings each day asking for a long meni list of skills tons of experiences, software and programming to exotic ingredients like IT maintenance of servers, email marketing, editorial and writing skills or using Corel Draw software.

Then they offer $10-20 an hour pay. For a mere $20k a year they get three jobs filled by one person! A bargain job anyone sane soul would want in life.

Here is an actual post from the job site under Art | Media | Design beyond all natural employment plausibility:

I am looking for a hungry, young, hip graphic designer. In college or fresh out. You need to be absolutely proficient in Adobe InDesign as well as Adobe Illustrator. You'll also need your own computer and software. I will need quick turnaround, small jobs within 24 hours. I can offer you approximately 10 hours a week at $20/hr. You might work 20% at my office and the rest you can do remotely. Please send your
Please don't email me unless you meet all of the requirements.

What is the standard for "HIP" and the age limit for young? How does one measure absolute proficiency in any software without a test? You use your own computer, and software which by the costs the "employee" about $900 for the Adobe Creative Suite. This is only one example of 100's of people, businesses and corporations not getting it about how creatives work, function and should be compensated.

What say you?

I have filled him with the Spirit of God, 
with skill, ability and knowledge in
all kinds of crafts.
Exodus 31:2-3


Artists and Companies who seek to employ them

I posted this on Craigslist after weeks of searching ads, sending resumes and not hearing back from anyone. It's also for all the other inhuman classifieds and non-existant HR offices that rely on technology to find them employees. 

Everyday I read the various job posting from businesses and companies who want artists/graphics/web designers to work for them. You give an extensive grocery list of numerous, sometimes exotic ingredients needed to fulfill the tasks needed to run your business. You require degrees, experience of so many years, credentials, and proof of artistic ability. 
Really? You obviously don't know anything about how creative people live, move and breathe.
Did you ever once think that artistic and creative people don't fit in your tidy little boxed jobs that pay a pittance for the things you ask for? First of all you are asking far too much of one person to do your print design, multi-media projects and web design and programming.
You want ONE person to perform the work of at least THREE creative souls, and then pay them peanuts to jump and dance for their supper. Seriously, are you stuck in the middle age thinking that you are the Lord of the Manor and people are your subjective surfs?
As for all the graphic designers, artist, web people and anyone creative, you are selling yourself short by taking jobs from these JOB IN A BOX thinking companies. I know we all need income and work to stay afloat in this world especially with the economic challenges that our dear crumbling government has bestowed on us.
We sell ourselves short by being the square peg pushed into the convenient round circle of the corporate American dream to be an artist or designer. Then it chips away our creativity until we are just rats on a wheel. Really? Is this what you signed up for when you paid for your expensive degree - $10 - $20 an hour grinding away at a job where you are under appreciated and under paid?
Viewing the job search in the creative ads in Craigslist is like lending yourself for a torture chamber experiment.
I would rather work on a farm, in a grocery store or garden shop then to slave myself out to a company or business who wants to kill the Golden Goose -- the creativity inside me to create works they collect extraordinary dollars for and  never share.
I am tired of sending out resumes and never hearing back from these businesses that simply don't get people at all, especially creative people. It's not just the pay I am asking for its recognition for a gift that can't be licensed, degreed or used without the utmost respect and appreciation. So this being said, I don't want your job offers unless you can give that in return.
If you are likeminded, let me know! Perhaps we can educate the general public to the beauty of our gifts to this world that actually are meant to bring that giftedness out in everyone we meet, have contact with and know!
Creatively Yours,
Barbara B-A
"Art is an act of the soul, not the intellect. When we are dealing with people's dreams - their visions, really - we are in the realm of the sacred. We are involved with forces and energies larger than our own. We are engaged in a sacred transaction of which we know only a little: the shadow, not the shape."
― Julia Cameron

~~ I have filled him with the Spirit of God, with skill, ability and knowledge in all kinds of crafts. Exodus 31:2-3